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VRI Online GED School

Our online GED School has its on-ground tutoring school based in Sri Lanka.

College Preparatory GED® Test Program:

Note: Please bear in mind that this program is to be completed while in Sri Lanka. Upon completion of the program and the Associate degree (while in Sri Lanka or the USA), you will be eligible to begin a Bachelor’s degree while residing in the USA, if you prefer to be on-ground in the USA.

You must contact our registrar at registrar@virginiaresearchinstitute.org or via our “Contact Us” page to learn more and receive more personalized information.

For additional information, review our Prospectus which can be found by visiting our “Sri Lankan Branch” page or by clicking here.

VRI Online Professional School

The VRI online professional school is based on a combination of award-winning novel, teaching methods developed by Prof. Eugene de Silva. The professional programs are delivered using Prof. Eugene de Silva’s widely published and presented “START” model.

Our professional, educational programs are offered only to government and private organizations overseas, especially in Sri Lanka. We do not accept external, students’ applications for these courses. To enroll for these courses, you must follow the procedures of your organization.

VRI is proud to promote multidisciplinary research at all levels. We work to ensure that our specialized educational programs are designed to help you succeed!

Our faculty and staff are trained and qualified professionals who put students’ interests at the forefront of their teaching. Through multidisciplinary research methods, we strive to personalize course material to your interests.

Need more info? We’re always here to help!

Main Line: 7038795166

Email: registrar@virginiaresearchinstitute.org